SPINACH & FETA PIE (Pack of 6)

Spinach & Feta Pie

SPINACH & FETA PIE (Pack of 6)

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Traditional Greek Spinach Pie, the famous Spanakopita.

Tons of greens like sweet, earthy spinach leaves, herbs, local Greek feta cheese within layers of handmade, crispy filo drizzled with extra virgin oil. Smells yummy, insanely delicious and unquestionably healthy, this vegetarian-friendly pie is going to be your new go to.

Served either warm or cold, it is the perfect meal, the ideal snack, lunchbox, finger food for your party and picnic.

We recommend serving it with a cabbage salad and a Greek aromatic wine for a filling dinner


ALLERGENS: gluten, milk, soy products, dairy products, egg products, lactose, celery, nuts, mustard and possibly traces of sesame.

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