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To give it it’s full name: Sumatra Aceh Gayo Queen Ketiara

Ketiara is a women-led cooperative in Aceh in the Gayo highlands who are led by a woman with over 25 years experience in the coffee trading dedicated to supporting coffee producing families in the region. Ketiara celebrates in promoting women within the coffee business. Mainly producing high quality, shade grown Arabica in the forested mountains of the Leuser National Park with special attention paid to the protection of the local ecosystem. The complex cup profile is a testament to the care taken in growing, harvesting and processing.

The Gayo highland in Aceh, is one of the top arabica producers in Indonesia. The fertile volcanic soil, around Gayo delivers a distinct and unique coffee quality that takes coffee enthusiasts to the taste of Ethiopia and Latin America, characterised by floral notes such as black tea to dried-fruit, though still much in touch with the classic and notable Sumateran Arabica spicy characteristics.

Planted at higher than 1,400 meters above sea level, and upon the crafting of the magnificent hands of the local farmers, Aceh Gayo is undoubtedly one of the best in Indonesia

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