YES, Pork really is a red meat!! Only pork from pigs that have never seen the light of day produce the pasty, flaccid stuff you see on the supermarket shelves... remember veal? 

All of our pork is born and raised, free ranging on River Croft so you can be 100% sure of it's provenance. As our pigs have access to the outdoors from the moment they are born, they are well muscled and as fit as fiddles, resulting in an exceptional quality of meat that is hard to beat! 


A healthy layer of fat, our white gold, is now heralded as one of the top 10 "Superfoods". Not only is this responsible for wonderful flavoursome and succulent pork, it ensures a good helping of vitamin B, oleic acid and minerals. Let's not forget to mention the crackling - crispy, delicious... to die for! Our perfect pork is "Versatile, Healthy & Delicious" - what more could you want!!     



off the shelf


Our range is extensive you can choose to order everything from one chop to a whole pig butchered to your requirements 


All our pork is cut, processed, packed and dispatched direct from our butchers, the multi award winning, Macbeth's based in Forres, Morayshire.

RIVER CROFT is small company and we cannot justify taking card payments at present so just email or call us to place your order - we then accept cash on collection or invoice you for payment through bank transfer with courier options.


Each box is packed specially for you and hand delivered within Inverness and throughout Strathnairn on a weekly basis free of charge. National courier service is available at extra cost (currently £12.50 up to 20kg).

Where can you find RIVER CROFT pedigree pork?

DIRECT FROM US  phone 01808 521504  email

ELGIN FOOD HUB a weekly "click & collect" farmers market

THE PRINCIPLED PIG  Anna & Andy buy young stock from us to grow on for pork

KYLESKU HOTEL  serving creative local food on the wonderfully beautiful Northcoast 500

CHEESE & TOMATIN  our pulled pork on wood fired pizza

CAFE 1  keep your eye on their menu for featured RIVER CROFT pork

NORTHBOUND CAMPERS  kindly give you a courtesy RIVER CROFT breakfast to begin your journey


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