Compostable Sponge


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Pack of 2

These sponge scourers are great for your pots and pans, as well as the earth. They are an essential purchase for any household looking for an eco friendly, effective alternative to plastic sponges. 

These multi-purpose cellulose and sisal sponges are super absorbent and can handle scrubbing pans just as well as plastic scourers. One softer side is suitable for wiping work surfaces and plates, where as the more abrasive side is ideal for scrubbing pans, cleaning floors, sinks and baths.   

As well as the eco benefits, our sponges do not smell like your usual plastic sponges and you will find they take longer to wear out.  

100% BIODEGRADABLE: Our sponges are made from sisal, a natural plant fibre and cellulose, made from wood pulp. They will therefore biodegrade rather than spending thousands of years in landfill like plastic sponges.  

NO MORE MICRO-PLASTICS: Our sponges are 100% plastic free made from natural fibres and will not leave any traces of micro-plastics in the water system

Made in United Kingdom

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