Buying Pedigree Pork is not only succulent, tasty and healthy, it goes a long way to help conserve our traditional pig breeds. The Oxford Sandy & Black is sadly at risk of extinction and the only way we can avoid this is for them to retain purpose, which means eating them.

RIVER CROFT is signed up to the Pedigree Pork Scheme, doing our little bit for conservation of the Oxford Sandy & Black.

If your pork doesn't carry this logo it is not from conservation stock!

HIGH WELFARE - A happy pig is a healthy pig!


Animal welfare is at the heart of what we do here on RIVER CROFT. From the day they are born our pigs live stress-free lives, free ranging in over sized paddocks. 


With good food, plenty of exercise our pigs are as fit as fiddles - they have healthy muscle and a good layer of fat resulting in a quality pork rarely found in today's impatient world.


We keep things as simple and as natural as possible - no routine antibiotics, no weight boosting water injections, nothing added.


We produce simply pork - untainted and delicious!

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